We appreciate all of the race gobbles we've received
on the Turkey Trot. We look forward to seeing
you in 2015 at the 13th Annual SF Turkey Trot!

It gets hot wearing this thing!
--"Uncle the Burg" from inside The Turkey

Thanks for a great run. A lovely, low key, low pressure,
FUN event. Love my shirt. Had a blast making my costume.
Will recommend to my friends. Truly yours,
The Tutu Turkey from Reno
Love the quirky signature touches you inject into the Trot
(I get positive feedback about the music, the holiday themed decorations and costumes, and great artwork on the "collectible" T-shirts). Hope it is as rewarding to put on as
it is fun and a sociable for all of us to be involved with!
"Simon the Volunteer" from San Francisco
What fun! It was my first race (even though I walked instead
of ran) and it was just great to see everyone out in the fresh
air with their children enjoying the run.  I was so impressed
that so many parents had their children there and the kids did great.  Thank you for being a part of a day that will always
be a wonderful memory.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Janet from Reno
My daughters Gaby and Alex had a wonderful time!  They
enjoyed the Turkey, the race and Starbucks free hot chocolate. We all worked up our thanksgiving appetite.  Had a great time!

Sonia from Pleasanton

This year my Dad, sister and I ran the race for the second year
in a row--them traveling from Missouri to participate. This is
one of the funnest races we've ever done, and I wanted to tell
you you guys are doing a great job. Thanks also to The Turkey.
Leslie from San Ramon
My husband, Mom and Dad (80 years) and I had a wonderful
time at the race/trot.  T-shirts are great.  Raffle super.
Susannah from Cotati

This was my first time joining in the Turkey Trot and it was
an amazing experience! The weather/ambience couldn't have
been more picturesque, complete with the roar of the waves crashing and blue skies. Great job and really appreciated all
the follow-up (logistical) emails too! See you next year!
Mary from Daly City
Thank you so much for organizing this totally fun race. I really enjoyed this event and will definitely come back next year!
Suzanne from San Francisco

I ran the Turkey Beach Trot with my friend. What a fun race!
It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving morning.
--Todd from San Francisco

Thanks. Absolutely GREAT race. Look forward to it next year.
--Brad from Mill Valley

I enjoyed the race and the humor and the kids race
and the costumes. Something for everyone - well done!
You can be sure I'll be back next year.
--Gary from San Francisco

Next year I will wear something cooler to run in, I was
cooked right through by the end of the race. Thanks
for organizing the race it was a lot of fun.
--Philippa, a roasted Turkey & costume contest winner

Just wanted to tell you my wife and I enjoyed this race
very much. We were on the West Coast anyway this
year and decided to participate. Thanks Again, it was
unique. We found you on the web.
--Tom from Terre Haute, Indiana

Amazing job at pulling all that together..Lots of tourists came
by to ask what the heck was going on.....Thanks, I had a ball!
--Dee, early-rising race volunteer

Thanks for organizing the race!  I really enjoyed the trot and
will enjoy the turkey from the raffle. It wouldn't have been the best Thanksgiving of my Life if I didnt run the Turkey Trot.
--Maria from Orinda

My wife and I greatly enjoyed the event which helped us to
continue our streak of consecutive Thanksgiving Day races to
8 years now. We even got the opportunity for a photo with
"The Turkey." I hope that you and your organization are
able to continue with this event for many years to come.
--Roland from Columbus, OH
That was a great run. --Mark from El Granada

I want to thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving
morning. I was visiting from Tucson, and thoroughly
enjoyed starting the day running along the beach.
--Rick from Tuscon

This was my first year and I loved it!  My friend and I got
our lazy (behinds) out of bed for this race. She had a baby
6 weeks ago, so this was her first time alone! It was great.
This will be our yearly tradition. Winning a pumpkin
pie and bottle of wine was an additional perk!
--Amy from Santa Clara

Loved the run. I did the first one, too, and I loved the
course change this year (running back on the beach
path).  Great idea!  See you next year!
--Kim from San Francisco

Thanks for the race t-shirts -- love that design!
--Terry from San Francisco (and many others!)

Pretty interesting to have some guy in a Pilgrim skirt pass
by me in the race. The location is great; I enjoyed seeing
the Thanksgiving morning surfers, beach combers and
people playing with their dogs as we ran by. Thank you
to the very friendly volunteers who showed up early
on a holiday to help us runners have a fun morning!
--Pam from Sacramento

I just wanted to compliment you on a very fun and
successful event. The weather was perfectly cool
and the refreshments were very generous. Everyone
seemed happy and enjoyed the entire morning.
--Peggy, Volunteer from San Francisco

Thanks for organising a great race. Wonderful
atmosphere and so good to run along the beach on
such a perfect morning. Well Done!  --Donald from SF

Great job on the race! It was (almost) worth the trip out
just for that! Great awards, volunteers, weather, etc.
--John from Japan

Thank you for the great fun run. Very organized. Great
for a first-timer like me. Would make it a tradition for my
family to run the race on Thanksgiving.
--Marie from San Bruno

We are both vegetarians so the pie and wine will be supper.
--Robert from Reno

Brilliantly done! Great great great!  If i can ever help
organize anything, let me know, i'm happy to volunteer.
--Gale from SF

Thanks much. Great race you guys put on and memorable
one for me having it out with 50 year olds at end.
--Keith from Pacifica

Thanks for a great start to the TG week-end
Count me in for next year. Would love to see
more Turkeys on the course next time.
--Michael from Martinez

I really enjoyed the run and the fact that it was along the
beach, I love any off-road runs as they are a lot more
rare and always more interesting. Thanks for organizing.
--Bettina from SF

I enjoyed the Turkey Beach Trot very much. Having
never participated in an organized race before, I have
nothing to compare this one with, but it seemed to me
that, for a low-cost event, especially one being put on for
the first time, the level of organization and support was
more than good enough. I very much liked your choice of
time & place for the run. It was nice to have a prominent
landmark (the Cliff House) marking the finish line, so that
after the turnaround point it was visible the whole way back.
--Tom from Santa Rosa

Had a great time running this race with my son yesterday!
--Rafaela from Gilroy

Thanks for a really fun way to start the day.
I appreciated the treatment that I got as a slow poke.
The shirts are great. We liked the wine and pie prizes. Hope
you have the race next year. Volunteers were great at the
beginning, at the turn around with the water, finish line
and afterwards. We loved seeing the results posted right
away. Thanks for a special way to start the turkey day!
--Susannah from Cotati